1. Use airtight or watertight containers. Even then, place caches in ziplock bags for extra protection. Caches are no match for sprinklers.
2. Be sure to record the location of your caches on a spreadsheet or map with clear descriptions of where they are hidden.
3. Number the caches you hide. This helps make sure you get them all back.
4. Don't geocache on a cloudy day. Be sure to check the weather report.
5. Be sure to hide caches at least 500 feet away from another cache.
6. Don't hide caches in well-traveled areas. Muggle students like to play tricks on their classmates.
7. Make sure the staff and teachers at your school know when you are hiding caches.
8. Don't hide caches on playground or in sandboxes. They always get moved.
9. Be sure you label your containers with caching labels.
10. If possible, hide your caches when students are not on campus.
11. Recruit parent volunteers to help supervise students across the campus.
12. Always make sure students are working with at least one partner. The #1 Rule is to stick together at all times.