The following are other ideas for GPS or geocaching:

  • Jazz Musicians: Our 4th grade students perform a play, We Haz Jazz. The play highlights 25 influential jazz musicians, composers, and bandleaders, lending itself nicely for a research project. To kick off the project, I hid caches across our Lower Division campus. Each cache held note cards with clues about the people they would be studying. Working with partners, students were to locate one cache, extract four cards, and return back to the classroom to figure out their mystery jazz figures using the following web site.

  • Physical Education: PE coaches establish caches across campus. Notes inside the caches require students complete a physical fitness task at each location - curl-ups or partial curl-ups, endurance run/walk, pull-ups or right angle push-ups, and V-sit or sit and reach. These tasks correspond with the The President's Physical Fitness Test

  • Physical Education: Have students use the Trip Computer page to map a mile long course to follow for walking or running.

  • Foreign Language Amazing Race: Students wrote challenges in their foreign language classes and then hid caches. Students learned to makr their own waypoints on the GPS devices. Students then went on an Amazing Race, reading the clues to move from cache to cache.