Educaching takes the concept of geocaching into the classroom. Teachers or students hide caches related to their curriculum while students search for them – on a school playground, across the school campus, at a local nature park, while on a field trip,– locations for educaches are limitless.

Benefits to Students:
  • Take ownership for their learning.
  • Use real world data to encourage high order thinking skills.
  • Collaborate and cooperate when working with a team
  • Increase their understanding of mapping systems, as well as the principles of direction, distance, and location.
  • Construct their own knowledge and share it with others.
  • Make decisions.

Benefits to Teachers:
  • Create student-centered environments.
  • Present authentic, real-world tasks.
  • Instill in students curiosity about geography, science, mathematics, and the world in which they live.
  • Engage the multiple intelligences.
  • Embed learning in a collaborative, social environment.
  • Integrate the curriculum.